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E-Learning textbox

Roberts Charity Foundation has partnered with Eko to develop a higher standard of quality education. Eko is an educational game creation and consultation group that works toward the benefit of African students. Eko has engaged in a lot of projects which include making a textbox to be used in Senegal by USAID in Daraji schools to teach linguistics. As you know, we at Roberts charity Foundation are a youth-driven foundation with a mission to tackle problems in the educational sector by ensuring that all children across Nigeria have access to quality education and materials to assist them in their educational pursuit. One of our past projects includes the Build A Child project which educated children in different Public Schools across Nigeria about Global warming, sex education, and health education.
We are embarking on a new project with Eko (our partners) which will enable us to give Children across Nigeria access to their E-learning textbox. This textbox (or chatbot) is the ultimate tool to supplement the Nigerian School curriculum. It is a specialized SMS API where students will be able to take quizzes related to the STEAM learning curriculum; tutors and parents will be able to monitor and comment on students’ progress. The textbox is also compatible with non-smartphone devices and without an internet connection. The textbox allows students to send pictures of their assignments as well as creative art for educational opportunities like scholarships.
We would like for you to follow us on this journey and donate to us any way you can. We are seeking donations of used phones or devices as well as monetary support. Any support that is given to us will be greatly appreciated and will be replicated in a child’s life.

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